Top stocking-filler presents - naughty and nice

Naughty and nice stockingfillers - ideas to bring tears or joy

Top stocking-filler presents - naughty and nice Stockings are one of the classic Christmas traditions that don’t have to be solely for children - my sister and I occasionally do them for each other depending on what we want that year. I love them as it’s nice to get more than one present and if there isn’t something I particularly said I wanted, stockings usually result in lots of lovely little surprises.  Of course one of the associations I do have with stockings is getting them as a child and I remember wondering if mine would have what I wanted inside, or if it would be filled with coal or nothing at all. Not that I was an awful child... but as December approached each year, I do remember being much more aware of my behaviour! I’ve heard many stories from parents about how they approach stockings for their children. Most don’t want to give lumps of coal no matter how awful their child has been, but some do use stockings to try to convey subtle messages (difficult if your child is 4…) or do a mix to show firm but not monster style parenting. Given this, we’ve decided to come up with two lists of stocking filler gift ideas based on whether the person you are giving them to has been naughty… or nice. These aren’t just for children - want to tell your partner they need to do better next year? Here’s how!   Naughty: Perhaps surprisingly, this was the easiest gift list to put together. A mix of ideas that allow you to try to tell the person in a more gentle way they need to do better, or poking a bit of fun at their behaviour.  
  1. I Want to Win! A book about being a good sport (Our Emotions and Behaviour) - £7.99 - for children or adults, there are some important messages in here!
  2. Novelty Lump of Coal Chocolate Rocky Road, 80g - £4.99 - gets the message across but as the present is chocolate, it isn’t that mean at all
  3. Poo Emoji Smile Pillow - £8.99 - easy to think what the tag on this one could say
  4. Mr Men & Little Miss"Naughty But Nice" Ceramic Mug by Roger Hangreaves 350 ml - Colour Turquoise/Purple (Set of 2) - £9.39 - set of two just in case they smash one in a fit of naughtiness
  5. Christmas Chocolate Sprouts Net - £2.49 - another one for the chocolate theme, these aren’t likely to be high on anyone’s wishlist
  6. Personalised Naughty List Letter From Santa - £7.50 - straight to the point, Santa is disappointed in you. It can’t get any clearer than this
  Nice:     This was hard. Obviously any present that isn’t rubbish is going to be nice, so how do you give presents that goes that bit further to show how good they have been?! Well, it was tough, but we managed to select some top present ideas for those especially lovely people.  
  1. Personalised heritage Blue Plaque - £14.99 - this allows you to recognise how awesome they are without having to wait for them to be dead for 50 years
  2. Best Man Mug - £7.49 - yes this might be for someone who has been your chief wedding usher, but also it is a way to tell a man they are simply the best
  3. Work Hard And Be Kind Pencils Set - Motivational pencils - £7.65 - a little reminder to keep up the good work
  4. Patterned Mixed Chocolates - £18 - a box of chocolates that is as lovely as a bunch of flowers - a two in one gift that nearly looks too good to eat
  5. Name a star - £17.99 - telling someone they are literally a star is pretty clear in showing how you feel about them
  6. X O thank you earrings - £14 - with a hug and a kiss they can wear, you can say thanks. Also good if they like XO sauce.
  If you are looking for more general stocking filler ideas, don't forget to look at our main gift generator - all ideas are under £20 so many are still suitable for stockings if you want to keep the spend low and stay in the black this Christmas. Hopefully this will help give you some of your best present ideas this year!

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