The hardest people to buy for: Grandparents

The hardest people to buy for: Grandparents This title is clearly subjective, but surely I’m not alone in thinking that Grandparents are the hardest people to buy presents for. There are a number of reasons for this, but here are the top three:  
  1. They’re probably going to be better off than most people as they have worked all of their lives
It isn’t guaranteed that just because they’ve been working for so much of their lives they will necessarily be rich, but logically they are likely to be better off than someone just starting out in their career. This means they can probably buy most things they want or need without having to wait for someone to get it for them.  
  1. They probably don’t know the full extent of what you can buy and how easily you can buy it
Consistently the response I would get when buying presents for older people is “I didn’t even know this existed”. This is because they probably don’t spend as much time online or if they do, they go on the internet for what they want and that is it. My grandparents would have absolutely no idea just what Amazon can sell, and they also overestimate costs, not realising that internet shopping has helped to bring prices down and it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy something online, even if it is from another country.  
  1. They are less focused on materialistic items
Again a generalisation, but I have definitely found as I get older it is harder deciding what I want or need as my cupboards and shelves have gradually been filled over the years. I remember as a child really agonising over what I would ask for at Christmas as there was just so much choice for the various toys or clothes or games. If I feel like the number of things I want or need is running out and I am in my 20s so imagine how I might feel when I am over 60 or 70. --- So now we know why it is harder to get presents for Grandparents, what next? You can use our present generator tool to find something based on what hobbies they might have, especially if you are on a budget as every idea here is under £20. Or, you can take a look at the following ideas we have pulled together and the rationale for these choices.
  1. Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Wordsearch Book - £5.99 - John Lewis
What can be better than a lovely relaxing book of wordsearches? One that is on William Morris paper of course. This is a whole afternoon of pleasant, relaxing entertainment.
  1. Glasses stand - £6.85 - Amazon
Unsurprisingly, statistically, older people are more likely to have issues with their memory and vision. This is a stylish and helpful way to prevent losing their glasses - practical, yet fun.
  1. Fire TV stick - £49.99 - Amazon
With more free time, they can sit down and explore the delights of more than five channels, free to view their favourite programmes whenever they want.
  1.  The Body: A Guide For Occupants - £20 - Waterstones
A Bill Bryson book always goes down well, and this particular one is a hardback signed edition. Furthermore, it is from Waterstones if your grandparent prefers to continue supporting an ‘actual shop’.
  1. Brick Yourself - Personalised Mini Figures - from £34.99 - Firebox
Bring some humour into their home and turn them into lego. You can get a family portrait of them in little yellow style, which is sure to make them smile.
  1. A trip away - flights from £30 - Skyscanner
They might have done a lot, but there is still probably somewhere they haven’t seen. Check out Skyscanner to find amazing deals that they won’t be able to believe you could afford to give as a present. A truly special present!