Presents for your loved one

Present ideas for your loved one to buy any time of the year - whether you want this to be Valentine’s Day, or a just because day.

Presents for your loved one Today is 20th February and this is a post about presents for the person you love, to buy any time of the year. It isn’t meant as a rant about Valentine’s Day, or being anti-Valentines, but just that personally, I don’t feel the need to tell my partner I love him on February 14th every year.   There’s probably been enough said about the pros and cons of Valentine’s, so I’m going to leave that alone. While any kind of holiday can be seen as becoming more and more commercialised or materialistic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are buying into that if you want to get a present for your partner. It might mean that you know there is something you like and this is a good opportunity to get it, or you know they really appreciate presents so this is a great way to show you understand that. My sister places a huge value on presents (regardless of monetary value) so if her husband gets her something small to say well done for a work achievement, or just because she has had a hard week, or even just because… then it means a lot to her.   This website isn’t attempting to get into the debate about any holiday, special day or what people should and shouldn’t do. We’re just hoping that for people who are looking to buy presents, we can help guide them to make the choice that is right for them and the person who will receive it.   So whether you want to tell your partner that you love them on 14th February or any other day, here are some handpicked ideas available now that could be great. Don’t forget, there is also our main present generator that you can use if you are still stuck for ideas. Simply filter down the results by clicking on their age and if they are over 18, their hobby, to get some more targeted suggestions. This gift generator is also limited to items that are under £20 if you are working with a budget!  
  1. Capri Blue Candle Tin - Anthropologie - £12
  2. Popcorn Maker - Urban Outfitters - £25
  3. Love at First Sip Gift Box - Whittard - £23.50
  4. Dana Metal Photo Frame 20 x 25cm - M&S - £17.50
  5. Slightly Foxed: 1-Year Print Subscription (+ Free Digital Archive) - Slightly Foxed - £48
  6. Huggable Alpaca Cooling & Heating Pad - Urban Outfitters - £18

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