Mother’s Day: gift ideas for one of the most important people in your life

A post to help you find the perfect present for your Mum this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day: gift ideas for one of the most important people in your life While mothers come in various different forms, it is likely that for you, she is one of the most important people to buy for. With mother’s day at the weekend, you have a little bit of time to think about how you want to show how much you love her and what she means to you. This adds some pressure, doesn’t it! We’ve tried to make it a bit easier. Of course, we have our usual Gift Generator, where you can simply click a couple of criteria such as age and hobby, and it will give you a number of different ideas. Don’t forget all of these are under £20! Alternatively, we have put together the below list for some further present ideas for Mother's Day. We also promise that none of these is a standard bouquet of flowers. While perfectly lovely, they're not always the most imaginative present so we wanted to come up with some different ideas.
  1. Liam Charles Cheeky Treats: 70 Brilliant Bakes and Cakes / 2. Willow & Amber Cologne 30ml / 3. Radley - Light blue leather 'Haywood' coin purse / 4. Duck Duck Goose Cheese Board / 5. MummySaurus T-shirt / 6. Cloche Succulents Terrarium
  1. Liam Charles Cheeky Treats: 70 Brilliant Bakes and Cakes: Waterstones - £22
I imagine you or your Mum (like me) may have shed a tear when Bake Off moved away from the BBC. No more Mary Berry and no more Mel and Sue - how could it possibly be the same? The answer is that it isn’t. It is different and thanks to Liam Charles, it all seemed like it was going to be ok. He was the absolute star of the 2017 season and thankfully returned as one of the presenters for the Professions version of the Bake Off. After watching him create a cake that looked like a pile of pancakes (which even Paul Hollywood was skeptical could be pulled off), he became a favourite. His laughter, jokes and easygoing nature confirmed his status as a future star and this book will surely not disappoint.  
  1. Willow & Amber Cologne 30ml: Jo Malone - £49
Not the cheapest, but a brand that is a classic and has incredible scents. It comes in a beautiful bottle and the combination of the fragrances givens a light and fresh lasting smell. This is part of a limited collection of just five scents, called ‘Wild Flowers & Weeds’. Certain to be nostalgic of summer walks you took with your Mum growing up.  
  1. Radley - Light blue leather 'Haywood' coin purse: Debenhams - £28
Who doesn’t love Radley? They use beautifully soft materials, have a lovely range of colours and the little Scottie dog logo is adorable. They’re a great company that has been around for years because of the quality of their products and they know how to innovate while making sure they are still producing what their customers want. Which is sweet little purses just like this one. Don’t forget to put a coin in it for good luck!  
  1. Duck Duck Goose Cheese Board: Anthropologie - £38.95
This is currently half price and was previously £78... not quite a bargain but much better value at the new price! It is an adorable duck based chopping board (I think there should be at least something goose on it given the name) with three different little duckling cheese knives that slot into the Mummy duck. A great novelty or dinner party piece and Anthropologie is clearly setting the standards high for here for the next cheese plate, by not using normal breadsticks, but the fancier Taralli as recently made by Geoff on Masterchef.    
  1. MummySaurus T-shirt: Amazon - £11.99
An awesome present idea, whether you are buying it for your Mum or for the mother of your child. It also comes with a matching ‘BabySaurus’ and ‘DaddySaurus’ option so you can be a matching dinosaur dressed family. What could be better. Available on Amazon with prime delivery, you can get this next day if you also leave your shopping to the last minute!  
  1. Cloche Succulents Terrarium: M&S - £19.50
Does your Mum kill all of her plants? This is ideal if she is lacking in green fingers. A stylish little cloche terrarium with artificial succulents, it requires zero maintenance but you would never know unless you looked closely! It will be a great feature on any shelf or desk and over time you can create a little plant gang with future presents.

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