Last minute Christmas shopping - how to stay calm

Stay calm and prepared with our last-minute Christmas shopping tips.

Last minute Christmas shopping - how to stay calm Everywhere you go, people and shops are reminding you ‘how many sleeps’ there are until Christmas. Yes it is getting close, but instead of panicking, embrace the Christmas spirit and tackle the remaining presents on your shopping list with the same level of calm that Mrs Claus has in Arthur Christmas. Here are some top tips on what you need to do to stay focused and serene.
  1. Check your list
    Make sure you didn’t miss anyone, but also have a proper think and consider whether someone perhaps doesn’t need ‘an extra little something’. If they do, check out our stockingfiller post. Also, do try to remember that you don’t have to match other people in what they spend. If you are starting to worry about whether you might get shown up because yours is smaller, then that then that isn’t the Christmas spirit! It is about being generous and selfless. If you genuinely want to get someone an extra little present, then that is fantastic, but don’t stress out about it. Also, if you do suddenly realise you have missed a crucial person (it doesn’t help if your Dad also has his birthday in December…) then check out our gift finder tool to come up with a quick idea!  
  1. Get wrapping
You should probably start wrapping your presents now as if you have to send any, you want to avoid the rush for the last post. Also, wrapping is often one of those tasks that you assign to one evening, before finding you don’t have enough paper or it is taking a lot longer than you had hoped because you hadn’t fully thought through how you might wrap some items with lots of sharp edges.  
  1. Speak to your family
It isn’t too late to find out if someone has already got the present you are buying them or to check with your siblings to make sure your Mum isn’t getting three sets of toiletries and therefore might feel like you are implying something. If this happens, take a look at what you have bought and switch things around if you can!  
  1. Think about charity
The story behind Santa Claus/Father Christmas is that one man, Saint Nicholas, gave money in secret to a family who couldn’t afford much - he didn’t want thanks or recognition, he just wanted to help. Have a look at charities with additional needs either this time of year or with particular campaigns, and consider a donation that you could make. It is a little thing to do that if everyone did, could have a huge impact, just like Saint Nicholas.  
  1. Get your thank you cards ready
This is a super organised tip, but one you will be thankful for. There comes a point in the new year when it is too late to send thank you cards, and then things can get awkward. You might worry that Auntie Susan will think you are rude (and well, if you didn’t send a card then this might be fair…) or nervous that they will think it never arrived and then you have to admit it did, but… and then come up with an excuse. So, get your thank you cards ready now. You aren’t looking for the thanks in giving, but it is nice to show appreciation!  

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