Easter gift ideas - more than just eggs

We have a great list of Easter present ideas that does involve some of the classic Easter eggs, but also has some new suggestions!

Easter gift ideas - more than just eggs Easter is a time that means lots of different things to people, whether it is to celebrate the important date to Christianity, or set new family traditions and gather everyone together. We have a great list of Easter present ideas that does involve some of the classic Easter eggs, but also has some new suggestions!
  1. Extra-Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg / 2. Personalised Spring Biscuit Gift Set / 3. Lindt Gold Bunny & Friends Golden Egg Hunt / 4. Easter Family Hamper / 5. Lindt Mini Solid Eggs Drum 2 Kg / 6. Henny Penny Easter Egg / 7.  Lego Easter Chick / 8. Sainsbury’s pick 'n' mix Belgian milk chocolate egg / 9. God Gave us Easter
  1. Extra-Thick Rocky Road Easter Egg: Hotel Chocolat - £27
  There are always high expectations for Hotel Chocolat every Easter and this year they haven’t disappointed. Their range goes from reasonable to luxury, and this is somewhere towards the cheaper end but is still a high price tag for an egg. Yet, it is completely worth it. The shell is extra thick and actually has two different halves - one is 40% milk chocolate with cookies and puffed rice, and the other is caramel chocolate with ‘notes of dulce de leche’. One you make it through the thick exterior, inside you will find truffles, pralines and caramels. Most Easter eggs don’t last long, but this will probably take you or the person you buy it for a while to get through, making it worth every penny!  
  1. Personalised Spring Biscuit Gift Set: Not on the High Street - £19.50
  A cute little set of six iced biscuits - a mixture of bunnies, hot cross buns and personalised Easter eggs. They’re a great alternative to the classic eggs and will last for two weeks if put in an airtight container. However the chances of these being left after two weeks is pretty low!  
  1. Lindt Gold Bunny & Friends Golden Egg Hunt: Lindt - £12
  A memory many of us will have from our childhood is hunting round gardens looking for hidden little Easter eggs. And then inevitably a week later finding a soggy one that everyone forgot about! This pack is great for recreating those memories or carrying on your family traditions. It contains chicks, sheep, bunnies, carrots and a large egg.  
  1. Easter Family Hamper: M&S - £50
  Spending Easter Sunday with your family for a big lunch? This hamper will be a great addition. Inside you will find tea, caramel eggs, simnel cake bar, chocolate chicks, chocolate eggs, mini hot cross buns, an egg hunt bag, jam, easter biscuits andddd chocolate bunnies. Everyone will be stuffed afterwards.  
  1. Lindt Mini Solid Eggs Drum 2 Kg: Amazon - £59.99
  Lindt eggs are one of my highlights of Easter. It is annoying they’re only stocked this time of year, so best to buy in bulk and make the most of them! This 2kg pack is probably enough and you may even want to share them. You can really make the most of them for the Easter period - put them on rice krispy cakes, hide them for hunts or bake inside brownies.  
  1. Henny Penny Easter Egg: Fortnum & Mason - £12.50
  This may look like a classic egg, but as it comes from Fortnum & Mason, there is more to it than that. It is filled with butterscotch popcorn and popping candy! It is a reasonable price for Fortnum & Mason and would make for a fantastic present.  
  1. Lego Easter Chick: Amazon - £24.95
  It is easy to get carried away with Easter eggs given all of the various offers available. If you want to avoid adding to the sugar overload but are looking for an Easter themed present, try this lego chick. Firstly, you can never have too much lego, and secondly, it might also buy you some peace over the Easter weekend!  
  1. Sainsbury’s pick 'n' mix Belgian milk chocolate egg: Sainsbury’s - £4
  The cheapest on the list and a great option as a little Easter present. It has a cutout section in the middle with marshmallows, dolly mixture and jelly beans. Yum!  
  1. God Gave us Easter: Amazon - £6.99
  If you are looking to try and explain the meaning of Easter, this is a great book for children. It explains it through a lovely story involving bear cubs. A gentle introduction to Christianity and one that hopefully adds meaning to why we have so much chocolate!

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